Sample : PPMS / Portfolio Performance Management System

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Portfolio Performance Management System is a tailor-made system for an investment management company which widely uses Microsoft Office 365 features to "auto" extract information (such as products information, exchange rate and daily market prices from web or incoming emails to provide the reconciliation and performance report using Power BI.

​Functions :

  • Leveraging latest process automation processes to increase operational productivity and efficiency by replacing daily humans processes with an aim to redeploy freed up human capital to focus on more complex, added value functions to drive innovation and growth.
  • Trading information auto capturing from Bloomberg's orders, executions and DFD emails, position management and profit and loss (realized and unrealized) calculation.
  • Market price and static information auto extraction from exchanges/market information provider website.
  • Auto reconciliation (Nostro and Depot) processes with settlement and custodian banks statement.
  • Powerful analytics and intelligence reports using Power BI and Excel for Management to gathering, transforming and analyzing the portfolio performance information.

Capabilities​ :

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