Sample : Survey Information Management System (SIMS)

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Survey Information Management System is another one of Smart Success self-designed tools which uses Office 365 features to provide tailor-made online surveys and Microsoft Power BI to generate customized reports.

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​Functions :

  • Clients can invite their target respondents to fill in the online survey forms by using QR code or a web link.
  • Once a filled survey form is submitted, response will be real time inserted into database automatically.
  • Together with Microsoft Power BI report tool, business intelligent reports can be produced for clients to review on the web or on your phone.

Capabilities​ :

  • Provide a paperless, simple and convenient tool for clients to collect required information
  • Insert useful links in survey form that enhance invitee perception
  • Can be used at anywhere and anytime with any device
  • Real time update of survey response after form submission
  • Management Report Summary can be generated anytime with any device​